2018-06 - Chicago


Checked in and good to go! This time westbound, to the Windy City!

My home for the coming 9 hours.

Starter. Carpaccio a la SAS.

Fish, potatoes and a messy tablecloth.

Gute Glass raspberry sorbet and a rhubarb pie. Very tasty.

Bedtime means watching Friends.

Before landing we were served a breakfast.

I had been watching Anthony Bourdain’s Chicago episode of “The Layover” and I knew I had to try out that breakfast place that he goes to, the Sweet Maple Cafe.

I was lucky to get a table, the place filled up quickly.

Thinking the breakfast would be something close to the swedish restaurant breakfasts, a sandwich and a coffee which will leave you hungry after some 30 minutes, I ordered the pork chops and a cinnamon roll. Needless to say, I could not finish.

To try to cope with the food coma, I went to the Chicago Zoo.

Angry geese.

Can confirm.


After a couple of hours at the zoo, I went back to the Loop. Here’s a the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. It looks way cooler in real life.

Finally, the Cloud Gate, “the bean”, … call it whatever you like!

Whenever I travel somewhere, I make sure to try out the public transport at least once, to see what it’s like. I had a destination in mind, but it turned out to be a pretty long (and noisy) journey.

I wonder what’d happen if I met someone here, it was extremely narrow.

Finally! The Ribfest!

Cold beers in the sun. Does it get much better than that?

Yes, it does. If you have your cold beer with a rib burger on the side.

And with some sweet corn.


Bye until next time!