2019-07 - Hong Kong

The first flight of this trip is operated by Edelweiss. Love their liveries with the flowers.

Slept through the service but woke up just in time to see the big Victorinox logo on ZRH approach.

As I had an outbound Lufthansa First class flight the same day, I was admitted in to the First Class Lounge in Zurich.

A Gin and Tonic out on the terrace while watching the airplanes flying in and out of ZRH really can’t go wrong.

The champagne collection in the ZRH E-gates FCL.

Not a lot of people in the lounge.

I was asked to head to the FCL A-gates in order to get my ride to the aircraft taking me to FRA. The lounge is pretty hard to find, with a very discreet entry.

It’s always such a special feeling to ride a car on the apron.

Loads of post loaded onto this flight.

Once again, the dessert was inedible.

The rehydration of this flight. Landed on time in FRA, which can only mean one thing.


Today’s duck.

The gummy bears sorted by color is a nice feature of the lounge.

Salmon carpaccio.

And the mandatory FCT-schnitzel.

A blurry car ride later, we arrived at the aircraft. This time, an Airbus A340-600. So glad I got to fly one before they are being scrapped.

Everyone boarded through the First Class cabin, which kind of gave it a “not-so-premium”-feeling.

That feeling was quickly washed away with a glass of 2004 Grande Cuvée Alexandra, Champagne Laurent-Perrier.

The amenities.

2 Salmon Carpaccios within 2 hours? Sure!




Dessert. Really sweet pineapple.


“Unfortunately”, we had to hold some 1.5 hours, but that doesn’t really matter when sitting in this seat. Service continued as usual.

Bye bye! I hope I get to fly with you again!

Tried a handful of times, but I still cannot stand the taste (and smell) of Durian.

The Moonzen Brewery, all night free flow premium taps for HKD 250. Such a bargain!

Utilizing the In-Town Check-In in Hong Kong is really convenient, allows for strolling around without worrying about the luggage.

Some great cocktails before leaving.

Outbound from HKG with a Star Alliance flight can only mean one thing: Laksa and Moët in the SQ Lounge.

On board BR872 to TPE. Staying hydrated with a glass of Champagne Delamotte Blanc de Blancs NV.

Bye, Hong Kong! See you soon again!

I could go grab some fresh air in Taipei as well before leaving for CDG.

One of the nicest feelings while travelling is holding a longhaul Royal Laurel Class boarding pass in your hand.

The crew made sure I would stay hydrated - here with a bottle of 2004 Krug. Smoked salmon with sesame on Zucchini slice.

Pan-seared Prawn and grilled asparagus.

Garlic bread.

I had pre-ordered some ribs for dinner. I expected something kind of dry and boring - we were on an airplane at 37000 ft after all, but they were the most tender ribs I have ever had.

Paired with the red wine, the meal was delicious, way better than most of the meals I’ve had on the ground.

Hello Kitty toiletries in the bathroom.


Krug 2004. There’s no better way to start the day. After landing, I was supposed to fly to Warsaw.

But I noticed that I wouldn’t make my connection.

One phone call to LOT Polish Airlines later and I was rebooked to fly with SAS to ARN via OSL. Fun fact: These new tickets were revenue tickets (booked in C) so I got some 1250+2500 EuroBonus points back.

As with my previous 200+ intra-european legs with SAS, nothing extraordinary. The juices from Ringi are amazing though! This one with rhubarb.

And the last photo in my camera roll from the trip is this one, the great pralines that SAS offer.

Bye until next time!