2020-01 - Bangkok

This was booked as an error fare OSL-ARN-PEK-BKK and return with Air China in Business ® Class for some 5500 SEK (EUR 550).

The flight OSL-ARN was the day before, no photos.
Check in at ARN.

The fare worked! I was a bit nervous until I was handed my boarding passes for the long haul flight. OSL-ARN was operated by SAS and I didn’t know for sure I’d go to BKK (or well, I might have gotten stuck stuck in PEK due to the error fare… who knows?)

Boarding. Loads of people flying to PEK tonight.

My seat, 12L. I am not a fan of 2-2-2 config when travelling solo, but oh well. Luckily I had no one next to me!
One thing I noted on Air China is that the fasten seatbelts sign is on during the entire flight. A bit confusing since I needed to go dehydrate myself for a long time before I realized the sign is just lit for whatever reason.

Anyway, I was given a pair of really uncomfortable slippers which were worn only for the purpose of this picture.
Blue uncomfortable slippers count: 1.

The cleaning left a bit to wish for.

Warm nuts.

After asking which of the starters the flight attendant could recommend, she looked a bit confused and said “I dont know how about all 3” and put three starters down on my table.
From the left, the dishes are:
No idea, none of them were in the menu card.

Scampi with Vegetables and Garlic Bread. And a funky picture rotation to confuse everyone.

Kung Pao Chicken, served with Jasmine Rice.

Cheese platter and Seasonal fresh fruits

And of course, Coffee and a Ferrero Rocher. Very uneventful flight, managed to get a few hours of sleep as well. A bit more comfortable than when I flew the same flight but in economy about a year ago..

Somewhere over North China.

After having landed at PEK, I went to the Air China First Class Lounge (where Star Alliance Gold and priority pass holders have access as well).
It’s very spacious and features some pretty comfortable chairs as well.

I see a scandinavian friend there in the background! Time to board the PEK-BKK flight.

Back at seat 12L.
Blue uncomfortable slippers count: 2

A glass of Mailly Grand Cru Brut Réserve and some nuts.

Gong Bao Prawn, served with Steamed Rice and Seasonal Vegetables.

Checked in at the Bangkok Shangri-La.

First meal eaten in BKK.

The seafood here is very good.

Market visiting time! My engrish cravings were almost immediately satisfied. Poek can’t ever go wrong.

Deep fried bugs, anyone?

Mother of the year award goes to this classy lady.

An OK view from the room.

As I was having my birthday in Bangkok, I was treated to brunch at the Anantara Siam.

More food.

And more food.

And a birthday cake!

And when arriving to the hotel room, there was a cake as well!

A trip to the Iron Balls distillery was made.

Unfortunately, these jars were not for sampling.

More market time!

Sego, Space Wars?

The seafood here looks really good.

I’ll have one meter of ribs, please.

They weren’t joking.

Mango, my favorite fruit!

As I changed hotel, to the Millennium Hilton I had a surprise waiting for me in the room.

That house surely looks glitched.

Market time! Again! My OCD was really satisfied here.

Can you see why?

Still no?

Oh well, here’s a picture of a McDonald’s Corn Pie. Will not buy again.

After a few relaxing days in Bangkok, it was time to go back home. Here’s a photo of a truck.

Checked in and good to go! As I had a Business Class ticket with an overnight layover in PEK, I could utilize the included Air China Transit Hotel. I tried to book the hotel using their website, but was greeted with a message that said “Send Success”, I had no idea if I had a reservation or not.

Said message.

Fast Track at BKK.

The EVA Air lounge at BKK features Pizza!

Boarding CA960 bound for PEK! Loads of people with Priority Boarding.
This gives it a bit of a Scandinavian Twist - it feels like flying domestic SAS where everyone has priority boarding and/or the airline doesn’t follow “priority boarding” SOP.

Back at, once again, seat 12L.
Blue uncomfortable slippers count: 3

Stir-fried Chicken in Dry Chilli Paste and Cashew Nuts, Steamed Jasmine Rice and Sauteed Oriental Vegetables.

The dessert was not listed in the menu, but it was some chocolate-coconutty thing that was edible. After devouring the cake, I managed to sleep for the rest of the flight.

Upon arriving at PEK, I was almost ready to head to my (maybe?) booked hotel. A Temporary Entry Permit was issued right at immigration, the whole process took some 5 minutes. Basically all that’s needed is an onward ticket out of China to another country than the one you just arrived from.

A quick run through customs and I was ready. There was a shuttle bus every 30 minutes, but considering I had arrived late at night, I took a taxi that I paid for myself. It cost me a whole whopping 33 RMB / CNY.

I was supposed to brush card room before using the elevator. As you can see, the night would be spent in the penthouse.

The restaurant, FASHION AND DELICIOUS seemed appealing, but I just wanted to go to bed.
But, where was I?

Ah, the YHGJJD, of course! They wished me a warm Welcome To Their Hote…Hotkl.

The TV did not have a MENU button, but instead it had the secret MEUN button.

I wonder if anyone dares plugging their company laptop here? I won’t be the first one to try.

Actually, the room itself was not bad. I had ordered a wake-up call at 6AM (unsure if the staff actually understood me as no one spoke English during my check-in), so I set the alarm on both my tablet and phone, just in case. Anyway, the phone rang as (un)expected and I was ready to jump in the shower.

I was sure not to touch any pipes, though.

A quick (and scary) shower later, I was ready to order a taxi to get back to the airport. However, the people at the hotel called a big Air China hotel shuttle van that was empty. The driver was not so amused.
He didn’t want to accept my tip either, but I insisted, and he took the money and finally smiled and let out a “thanks”.

I wonder if this fine gentleman will have any issues with customs at his arrival country.

Something fun while travelling on a Business+ ticket with Air China at PEK is the free golf cart ride you get, just ask!

Boarding PEK-ARN, this time in B-6076 in all her glory.

I guess the red thread in this post is that I was always on seat 12L.
Blue uncomfortable slippers count: 4.

Air china actually serves Champagne Pol Roger Reserve Brut on board, but they only loaded three bottles for the whole flight for a fully booked Business Class cabin. It was gone before we even entered Russian airspace.

Starter, Prawn Skewer with Thai Chili Sauce.

Balik Salmon Pastrami.

As a main dish, I ordered the Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Black Pepper Cream Sauce served with Deep Fried Potato and Assorted Vegetables.
Ordering any kind of steak on board is usually a risk of it being less moist than eating a fistful of gravel, but this, to my surprise, was very good! Totally unexpected.
After dinner, I managed to watch movies on my tablet and sleep until 30 minutes prior to touchdown, so no more photos were taken.

Magically, I managed to get home and be in bed by 7 PM, ready to work the next day, without any jetlag what so ever. Bye until next time!